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AKGWMS 450Guitar Set > AKG

AKGWMS 450Guitar Set 요약정보 및 구매

WMS 450 Guitar Set

제조사 AKG
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WMS 450 Guitar Set

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The SR 450 diversity receiver is your best choice for cost-efficient high-performance

multichannel systems. Up to 12 channels* can be used simultaneously within the same subband

and even large systems will work smoothly in environments hostile to RF transmission.



The PT 450 is a high-performance compact bodypack transmitter for a host of applications. Many innovative features enhance both system reliability and user friendliness.

An LC display indicates all important system data at a glance including the selected frequency in MHz or as a Preset subchannel available battery capacity in hours a warning when battery capacity is low as well as the current transmission mode.

Once you have set a frequency on the receiver an infrared transmission link will feed the related data to the assigned transmitter within seconds making the setting up of large multichannel systems child’s play.

The PT 450 uses a rugged case and the mini XLR input allows you to connect a wide selection of microphones and instruments. A special jack lets you connect an optional external mute switch enabling the user to mute the audio signal even if the transmitter is hidden in the clothes.

mkg_l_copy2.jpg(MKG L CABLE)


(WMS 450 Guitar Set)

AKG WMS 450 시리즈 중 하나인 기타셋 역시 belt clip 1개 AA size battery 1개 antenna 2개

rack mounting kit 1개 그리고 power supply로 이루어져 있고 시스템 콤포넌트도 별도 구성이 가능합니다.


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