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TASCAMCD-A700 > 플레이어/레코더

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CD 레코더/플레이어

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CD 레코더/플레이어

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* 제품특징

Professional CD Player That"s At Home Anywhere!

Restaurant and club owners dance studios and especially DJs

- what would you say to a CD/cassette player that could provide you with hours

of worry-free play? If that sounds good to you then Sweetwater would like to

Introduce you to Tascam"s CD-A700 the fully professional choice for "background"

and commercial music installations. The CD-A700 is a combination of high-quality

CD player and ultra-modern auto-reverse cassette deck that gives you with flawless

and continuous CD-to-tape tape-to-CD play. It also gives you plenty of control;

there"s precise pitch control and state-of-the-art logic control features on both

CD and cassette deck and a full function remote control. The pro audio features

and specs of the CD-A700 does not mean it"s difficult to operate.

In fact it"s so easy that for all its latest features the CD-A700 wouldn"t be out of

place in your home entertainment system!

±12% pitch control for both CD and cassette

XLR balance I/O

GPI switches for remote control

Independent operation for CD player

Independent opertaion for Cassette deck

Easy CD dubbing key

A-B program function

Continuous playback between CD and cassette

Independent counter for each mechanism

Shuffle playback function on CD player

Repeat (single ALl A-B) playback on CD player

Intro check on CD

Programmable playback on CD

Single playback on CD

Delete program function on CD

RTZ on cassette

CPS (computomatic program search) on cassette

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