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BSSBLU-80 > 이퀄라이저/프로세서

BSSBLU-80 요약정보 및 구매

오디오 네트워크 프로세서. Signal Processor.

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상품 정보

상품 기본설명

오디오 네트워크 프로세서. Signal Processor.
가격 문의요망

상품 상세설명



BLU-80은 시그널 네트워크 프로세서로서 96kHz의 A/D D/A컨버팅을 기반으로 오디오 프로세싱과 네트워킹을

실현하고 있는 고음질의 제품입니다.16 MIC/LINE 입력 또는 LINE 레벨 OUTPUT으로 구성 되어 있으

며 ETHERNET 네트워크를 통해 CAT5 Cable로 연결된 PC로 원거리에서 시스템을 컨트롤하고 디자인 할 수 있

도록 지원합니다.

또한 오디오 전송 및 CONTROL 방식은 모두 TCP/IP (LAN)방식 사용 (코브라넷 방식도 동일)하며 LONDON



The mainstay of the Soundweb London processing system is the BLU-80. Whether your system

requires more inputs than outputs or more outputs than inputs Soundweb London can be configured

for the optimum system at the optimum cost for the client.

· Up to 16 mic/line inputs or line level outputs in a single frame configurable in 4 banks of 4 input

or output channels

· Peak Audio CobraNetTM CM-1 Module offering up to 32x32 network channels

· Massive DSP power in each frame

· Integral multi-voltage switched mode PSU for lightweight and universal AC mains operation

· 12 analogue control ports and 6 logic outputs for GPI hardware interfacing using faders pots

switches etc

· Front USB port for PC control and rear RS-232 port for third party serial control

· Ethernet port for control network

The BLU-80 can accept 4 input or output cards each card being either 4 inputs or 4 outputs. This

means that a BLU-80 can be easily configured at base or in the field to provide a wide variation of I/O


16 Inputs 0 Outputs

12 Inputs 4 Outputs

8 Inputs 8 Outputs

4 Inputs 12 Outputs

0 Inputs 16 Outputs

Units may also be part fitted for even more cost-effective system design. The LED indication on the front

panel provides quickly understandable signal states whether they apply to input or output cards. Field

upgrades are therefore very simple and easy to implement. When viewed from the rear an LED next to

each card indicates whether an input or output card is fitted so making onsite card identification very


As with Soundweb all analogue connections are balanced on Phoenix/Combicon connectors

The Peak Audio CM-1 module provides CobraNetTM audio networking for the BLU-80. This card allows

up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs of digital audio at 48kHz and up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs at 96kHz

sampling rates to reach each BLU-80 or BLU-32 frame.




Up to 16 Analogue; electronically balanced on Phoenix/Combicon removable screw connectors.

Mic/Line Inputs

Nominal gain 0dB electronically switchable up to +48dB

in +6dB steps input impedance 3.5k Ohm


Up to 16 Analogue; electronically balanced on Phoenix/Combicon removable screw connectors

Maximum Output Level


Frequency Response

20Hz to 20KHz (+0.5/-1dBdB)


<0.01% (20Hz to 20KHz +10dBu output)

Dynamic Range

108dB typ. (22Hz to 22KHz unweighted)



Control Ports

12 inputs and 6 outputs


RJ45 Ethernet connector (BLU-16 BLU-10)

2 x CobraNet RJ45 Ethernet connector (BLU-80 BLU-32)

Maximum Cable Length

100m/300ft between device and Ethernet switch

Cobranettm Audio Network (Blu-80 Blu-32 Only)


2 x RJ45 connectors

Maximum Cable Length

100m/300ft between device and Ethernet switch



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