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dbxDriveRack 4800 > 이퀄라이저/프로세서

dbxDriveRack 4800 요약정보 및 구매

DriveRack Series.스피커 매니지먼트시스템.Complete Equalizaton & Loudspeaker Management System.

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DriveRack Series.스피커 매니지먼트시스템.Complete Equalizaton & Loudspeaker Management System.
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DriveRack의 새로운 대표모델 dbx4800은 놀라운 유연성과 직관적인 컨트롤을 제공하며 음질에 있어 우리의 기

대를 초월합니다. 강력한 96kHz DSP 엔진과 전형적인 아날로그 디지털 I/O에서 VGA 디스플레이와 멀티 컨트롤

패널까지 dbx4800은 모든 프로세싱과 유연성 그리고 라이브 현장이나 인스톨에 필요한 모든 조정기능을 제공합


마법사 세팅 기능은 dbx4800의 시스템 Configuration과 Auto-EQ 그리고 Advanced Feedback Suppression

기능을 포함하여 시스템 셋업을 하는데 필요한 기본 메뉴를 제공하므로 편의성과 우수성이 한층 더 발전하였습니

다. 선택사양으로 CobraNet card가 신호처리에 대한 유연성을 높여 주고 또한 96kHz의 Processing Engine과

Standard Digital I/O는 소리에 대한 반응속도를 더욱 민감하게 처리 신호처리 속도에 있어서도 성능이 향상되었

습니다. Ethernet 포트는 손쉽게 시스템 통합을 실현하였고 칼라 Display와 손쉬운 조작을 위해 Channel

Buttons도 적용하였습니다.



DriveRack 4800

Complete Equalizaton & Loudspeaker Management System


Designed to provide incredible flexibility sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance

applications the DriveRack® 4800 is the new flagship of the hugely successful DriveRack family. From

the powerful 96 kHz DSP engine and standard analog and digital I/O to the QVGA display and multiple

control surfaces the 4800 provides all the processing flexibility and control necessary for both

installation and live use. The Wizard function enhances its capability by making the DriveRack 4800

easier to use providing a menu based setup procedure including system configuration and an

Advanced Feedback Suppression™ (AFS™) Wizard.

The DriveRack 4800 is the next generation of the famous DriveRack family and like its predecessor it is

engineered to provide “Everything you need between the mixer and the power amps”. In keeping with

this philosophy the 4800 includes four inputs and eight outputs with both analog and AES/EBU XLR

connectivity; a CobraNet option rounds it out offering greater flexibility for large installations. The 96 kHz

processing engine is capable of offering insert processing functions to customize the processing path

for your application in addition to the standard system processing functions all with extremely low

latency and extended frequency response. From Signal Routing EQ and Bandpass Filters to classic

dbx® Dynamics and Feedback Suppression all the processing is available and with the sonic

excellence that you would expect from the world"s leading system processing manufacturer. With all

this processing power available control is of paramount importance. The DriveRack provides a full

color display to speed manual operation; this combined with intuitive front panel controls an easy to

use GUI and optional wall panel controllers means that whether your application is tour sound or

installation the DriveRack 4800 has what it takes.


• 48 and 96 kHz operation with Wordclock input

• Full Color QVGA Display

• 4 analog and AES/EBU inputs

• 8 analog and AES/EBU outputs

• Optional CobraNet I/O

• Optional Jensen® I/O


• Full Bandpass Filter Crossover and Routing Configurations with Bessel Butterworth and Linkwitz-

Riley filters

• 31-Band Graphic and 9-band Parametric EQ on every input

• 6-band Parametric EQ on every output

• Loudspeaker Cluster and Driver Alignment Delays

• Selectable DSP inserts on all inputs and outputs including Classic dbx Compression Limiting and

Advanced Feedback Suppression among others

• Ethernet HiQnet networking and control

• dbx ZC wall panel control




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